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Summer 2022 Is Here!!

Building A Better Esports Community

Our aim is to support esports programs and students by focusing on coaches.

We do that via the Coach Rivals Discord server community and The PHNXGaming Foundation. The server is a place where nearly 300 coaches (internationally!) can learn from each other and teach each other through shared experience, collaboration, and by competing in summer seasons. The Foundation is a way to provide micro grants and educational resources to programs.

At the end of the day, we really have one goal: bettering the scholastic esports experience.

The main event of CR is the Summer Season. Nearly 100 coaches are competing in 6-8 weeks of matches in League of Legends and Rocket League ending in a multi-week playoff. Summer ’21 has two LoL leagues (a competitive league for Bronze + and a Learning League for Bronze and below) and one Rocket League round robin tournament.

If you are a current high school or college esports coach who is interested in joining Coach Rivals, contact us today! All skill levels welcome as Coach Rivals is about learning, teaching, and growing as coaches!

The PHNXGaming Foundation

The PHNXGaming Foundation was started by a few CR Coaches to provide micro-grants (under $500) to HS programs.

The majority of proceeds from Twitch subs, Patreon supporters, and merchandise sales is donated directly to The PHNXGaming Foundation.

“Coach Rivals literally changed my life. Not only can I participate in conversations with my players, but I can actually coach them. I’ve made so many connections through CR and love being part of the community. I’ve gained the confidence to play with others outside of academics and have made some awesome friends in the CR server.”

– Allison, Head Coach, High School

More Than ‘Just’ A Summer Season

Year Round Support

An international collective of coaches working to build a better competitive experience in High School and Collegiate esports. Coach Rivals is about learning from each other, sharing and creating curriculum, developing standards for student athletes, and much more.

The Summer Leagues are an important part of the Coach Rivals system, but member coaches are working together year round to better their programs. 




Summer 2022 Season!

Coach Rivals – Summer 2022 kicks off June 1. Games will be streamed at

Catch It Live

Competitive League matches stream live on Thursdays at 5mt/7et. We rotate the teams on stream each week – but don’t worry, we’ll upload all the games whether streamed or not.

Watch Every Match

We’ll generally be live-streaming one game each week, however, we have a team of casters working on the games not on stream. Expect all 4 Competitive League matches to be available each week so you can stay up to date with all the teams.

Listen To The Coaches

Rift Happens

A League of Legends Podcast hosted by Justin Tolbert and Ronnie Baskin

Dive into the meta, breakdown patch notes, discuss champions, answer questions, talk rift.

High elo or brand new to the game, this is the podcast for any Summoner looking for a little insight into what’s happening in League of Legends. Is this the podcast for you? Yes! Why? Because sometimes, rift just happens.

During the summer CR season, we’ll also look at last week’s matches and discuss predictions.

Support The Coaches!

Profits from merch sales, Twitch subs, and Patreon subs are donated to The PHNXGaming Foundation to provide direct support to school programs through grants to our member coaches.

Check out the store for some merch to help support the program!

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