Contributor: Coach Matt

Something I did with amateur teams is we wrote down 5 champions our players are proficient on in each role. Then we did a draft and we’re trying to “hide our tactics” as long as possible without giving it away.

We also would evaluate how we reacted after finding out the strategy.

These are the strategy and team comps I try to practice with my students because they are the easiest to perform with.

Fortress team comp: The classic NA team fight comps. TL and Fly Quest are the kings of this style. Usually the comps look like this:

  • Top: tank
  • Jungle: Utility don’t fall off
  • Mid: control mage
  • ADC: Safe ADC
  • Sup: Engage and tanky

Bot lane focused comp: This type of comp is to play toward the teams strength of bot lane. Usually this comps looks like this:

  • Top: global ult pressure, Self sufficient (GP, Shen, Orn)
  • Jungle: Aggressive and dragon control
  • Mid: Roaming mid laner (TF, galio)
  • ADC: lane bully (Caitlyn, kalista)
  • Sup: pressure support – morgana, karma,

Top lane focused comp: This type of comp is to play toward the teams strength of top lane. This comp can also be considered a split push 4-1 comp. Usually this comp looks like this:

  • Top: aggressive carry champs (Renekton, Camille, Fiora)
  • Jungle: Aggressive and pairs well with top lane. Classic example is Elise and Renekton
  • Mid: Roaming potential (galio, TF)
  • ADC: super safe and scaling bot lane (ezreal, Ashe, xayah, sivir)
  • Support: safety support to make bot lane more safe or a roaming support (thresh, tahm kench, bard, pyke)

Wombo combo comps: This type of comp is to put all of your ults together. These comps are very useful if a team likes to take a lot of team fights. There are a variety of wombo combos that work together. Very good when team communication and speed is aligned together.”