Contributed by Coach Coopa

Set a timer for 5 minutes, during that time one player is narrating the entire game from the mini map, explaining everything they see no matter how insignificant “what do you see, what do you not see”.

When the timer dings, you rotate to the next player and repeat.

The goal is to recognize and anticipate/react. Anyone can talk during this time, or make calls, but essentially one person is running the Mic.

Follow up with “MINI MAP!” in which the coach will say “mini-map” every 10 seconds or so to remind players of how often they can be using the mini map for information. Players should respond with some element of learned communication.

The over all goal is to get players communicating and sharing knowledge by asking questions such as “what do you see?” “what did you learn?” in response to looking at the map.

Coach Sones addition

Think about it as “before you do X, you should look at the minimap”. So for beginning players, X should be “fight someone” or “push a tower” and for more advanced players X could be “take a teamfight”, “go for a trade”, and the extreme one I’ve heard is “go for a minion”.

The idea is that the habit of looking at the map every 5 seconds is really tough and nebulous, but the habit of looking at the map before you make a critical play is a little more concrete and easier to build a habit off of, and then you can make the triggers to look at the map stricter as you are getting better.